If the idea of doing homework makes you think it is only for people who are in school for something, you may want to THINK again. It is natural for us to feel as though once we have gotten the certificate or degree that there would be no further need for HOMEWORK. However, beyond the boardroom, cubicle or corner office there will be things that you NEED to learn about. These things will not be able to be researched during your normal work day. As a matter of face it may not be appropriate for you to be doing your research while you are on the “clock”.

Regardless of your fatigue level, HOMEWORK is a necessity to be successful in today’s market. Aside from the duties you are currently fulfilling, there are countless changes everyday in the marketplace. Some of these changes will impact you in one way or another.

Let us say that you are the owner of a convenience store. And for the sake of this illustration, your store is located on a main street that has heavy traffic all day long. Without reading the newspaper or listening to the news, you missed the announcement that construction will begin on your street in two weeks. The only traffic that will be allowed through is for business owners such as yourself and residents of the area. This type of thing happens all the time. I think that road construction is never ending in this country. No matter where I travel there are always roads being dug up, drilled into and detours made on a daily basis.

The point is that listening to the news and reading the paper is an important part of “Homework” that has to be done. I have been hearing a lot of people saying that they do not want to listen to the news or read any news papers. For a lot of folks it is just too depressing reading or hearing about others getting killed or injured. They cannot handle all of the hostility and conflict that has taken over the bulk of the headlines. Without reading or seeing the news we might miss something that is in between the main stories.

We might also miss out on our opportunity to make a difference. We cannot be of service to anyone or anything unless we are aware that the chance exits. Also we cannot have a goal or any aspirations to change where we are currently in life without the ” Homework”.

How much homework are YOU willing to do in order to have tomorrow what you truly desire?