cost of baggage

We all have baggage no matter where we are going or what we are doing.. The baggage we carry may not be readily seen by those who are around us. But it does have an impact on how we interact with others. It can also be a determining factor for future success. This all depends on how we “handle” our baggage.

If you pay attention to people who are extremely successful, they have baggage all of their own. I know what you are probably thinking, “How can these people possibly have baggage?” Or you might be wishing for their baggage compared to what you have. However, being wildly successful comes with sacrifices. There have been many CEO’s of companies who have said they wished they had spent more time with their families. Some of them have even gone so far as to give up their time consuming position in order to do just that.

While most of us cannot afford to give up our livelihoods, we can afford to let go of some of our baggage . Those bags that wear us down. They are all labelled. Not with our names but with the words that are preventing us from making sustainable relationships. In the workplace the baggage we carry can present itself in the form of mediocrity. Those who feel as though nothing they do will make a difference, rarely do more than the basic requirements that are in the job description. Often they will be grumbling as they carry out their tasks.

There are plenty of people who are working tirelessly to make their workplace run smoothly. Unfortunately, they are not always able to get the cooperation of their co-workers. When this happens, they might pick up the extra slack left by those who are not working as diligently. In this situation, they are adding to the baggage they must carry. Unless they have a boss that is in a position to reward their efforts, they may find themselves eventually giving up on completing extra duties. Sometimes the baggage is too much to carry!

How much baggage do you need to carry?