what is in a comittment

On a daily basis we all commit to something. When we get up we are usually headed for work, taking the kids to school or going to the gym. Whatever it is, we have committed to doing it. It takes commitment to continually do things day after day. These are the easy things we do. But what I am addressing today has to do more with commitments we make that are outside the scope of our everyday routines. Those clubs and associations we join and attend infrequently. The friend or colleague we continually promise to “catch up with” the six months go by and we are still talking the same game.

At some point we all do the above mentioned behavior.Counteracting this behavior takes WORK! It means placing importance on those things we are allowing to slip through our hands. By taking them for granted, opportunities for growth are being lost. Even though we may not view it that way. Each time we think about attending a meeting and do not follow through, is an opportunity lost.

Three years ago, I was looking for a way to become a public speaker. My encounter with breast cancer and all that I went through was to become a very powerful speech. The only problem I had was I became terrified in front of a small group of people. I had no skills whatsoever. One day I did a search on how to become a public speaker. Toastmasters International cam up in the search. I looked at the site a few times. I found a few groups that I could have attended. Then I talked myself out of going.

Finally in the spring of 2012 I got off my butt and attended my first meeting. I made sure I was there on time 7;30 am to 8;30 am. Yes it was early! But I was determined to take myself from a shivering shaky mess and transform into a confident speaker. At first I would sit in between people. I was somehow hoping I would not be readily observed. After attending a few meetings I realized that opportunity was knocking and I was allowing it to slip away.

I began taking opportunity by the hand and taking it t speeches where I wanted to go. Two years later, and I am an advanced speaker, ready to take on the world! What opportunities do you have lingering around you? Take them by the hand and lead them!