I am enjoying a warm cup of tea and watching the snow fall yet again in Boston. A thought occurred to me regarding gratitude. Five months have passed since Thanksgiving. This holiday is the biggest one that makes people take a look at everything they have and count their blessings. When my kids were little, I used to have them write down something or someone they were grateful for on leaves that I had cut out of construction paper. After they wrote down what it was they were grateful for we would tape it to the gratitude tree that was hung on a door . We did this everyday until the holiday. Once Thanksgiving was over we moved on to the next holiday.

How many of us count our blessings on a daily basis? If we did which ones would we focus on? I for one have plenty to be grateful for. My health is the number one thing I am grateful for. I am seven years clean from Breast Cancer and there is not a day that I forget what that whole process was like. I try not to dwell to heavily on the experience. Instead I focus on how I am FEELING RIGHT NOW! Every day I take a deep breath and center my thoughts on how grateful I am for being HERE!

Some people say they forget to be grateful. They admit that the day to day grind takes its toll on their ability to remain grateful. It is for all intents and purposes far easier to give into thinking about what is missing in our lives. Whether we think we need to have more things or maybe we are experiencing frustration over not having achieved more . I see this all the time when I am working with people. They are looking at how far they have to go and forget how far they have come already. Sometimes just looking at how much ground we have covered already is enough to maintain a sense of gratefulness.

When I point out to my clients how far they have come already, their responses range from ” Oh my you are right Jacqui”… to “I did not even think about it that way.” It is important to remember that our ability to be grateful for already is what will allow more to come our way.We can always find something to complain about. Unfortunately that comes easier to most of us than being grateful.

To embrace your gratitude daily,start with being grateful for where you are right now! Celebrate the fact that you are here ! Just by doing that you will receive more things to be grateful for.The more you are grateful for you will receive even more. It is the Law Of Attraction!