I know a place

Where we can go to get away from all the stress of daily life. A place that is devoid of political and personal drama. When we get there be prepared. For there is no hatred, no sorrow nor any worry. This place also embraces honesty for everyone without a hidden agenda.

All people are welcomed with open arms. I will show you with how to get there if you desire to do so.This place I speak of lies potentially within all of us. It can be discovered when we tune into ourselves and tune out the outside influences of our society. Only then can we create this place. If we truly desire to do that.

It’s a place where all people are on a level playing field. In order to achieve this we will have to give up some things. That is why a lot of folks are not yet quite ready to go here. There will be no room for over sized ego’s,bigotry or other forms of discrimination. For those who decide to leave this baggage behind, the journey will take a lot less time.

Without the presence of those things that can wear us down, the place where we arrive will be a destination to be envied by others. But not everyone will be able to make it successfully to this place. For you see not all of us are able to let go of negative behaviors and beliefs. This is what will weight them down and make them less appealing to the people who were able to unload their baggage before they began the journey.

This place I am speaking of is our future. The one we all deserve. Our success will be unsurpassed because of our ability to influence all people. Because we accept people at face value. Whoever they tell us they are we accept without question.

I hope that all of you reading this will consider discovering this PLACE that I partake in. It will be my future and I hop you can see yourself there as well!