Sometimes I wish there were signs that I am headed in the wrong direction. It would save me a lot of time.In the past I have tried to do many things that did not work out for varying reasons. But I have learned valuable lessons from all of my failures.

If I had a sign telling me I was headed in the wrong direction, I probably would not have taken the chances I have. I also would have missed out on meeting some terrific people. The opportunities that have come my way have allowed me to develop skills I never knew I possessed. The people I have encountered have taught me self reflection. I have seen the great and the worst come out in people. From this I have determined how far from my core values I am willing to go in pursuit of being at the top of any organization.

Maybe that is the sign I was looking for all along. The one that flipped on my internal switch that halted me from going any farther along.

Are you listening to your sign?

Photo: Can Stock