mastering glaciers

I have had many moments that had me feeling as though I was trying to climb a mountain of ice. And as impossible I think that would be to achieve,I personally have achieved a great many things. Things that would have seemed improbable eight years ago. There is a quote that I recently saw ” If you want to achieve things you have never achieved before, Then you have to do things you have never done before.”

When I think back to the time I started to give some thought to getting my story out there. I was filled with feelings of inadequacies. I could not speak in front of one person let alone twenty or more. I sat around for months contemplating my next move. I e-mailed a few people at Toastmasters.They were very encouraging. But it would take another full year before I was ready. Once I attended one meeting I knew this was something I would have to stay with.

Within my first year with Toastmasters I started this blog. It is my way of encouraging others to their greatness. I share my true life experiences with all those who choose to read, to let them know they can make it. It does not matter how LITTLE you think you have.What is important is how much YOU do with it. On a shoestring budget I created an online presence all the while developing my speaking skills. I speak wherever and whenever I can to anyone who will listen. Usually it is my Toastmasters group. These people have stuck by me through some of the worst speeches they probably have ever heard. My beginnings are nothing to be envied.

But three years later and I am President of my group and mentor to some of the members. Things that seemed impossible a few years ago when I only was focused on what I was lacking. Against what seemed like a mountain of Ice to climb I have achieved some pretty incredible things. My next chapter is to have my book published and to implement my YOUTUBE channel.

If you look back what impossible things have you accomplished?