For many of us we are used to having people as us how we are doing. It seems like the most popular question on the planet as we pass by each other. Usually most people will respond with an “I’m Okay”.But this response we allow to pass through our lips like an automated recording, makes it sound as though we are all maintaining where we are currently at. It does not project all that we are working on nor what we have achieved.

A few weeks ago I was passing by a woman who is a social worker in the hallway. As our paths crossed I said a friendly “Hi, how are you?” Her response made me stop for a moment and smile. She said ” I am as always truly blessed.” She saw me smiling and expanded on this thought. She told me that she used to tell everyone that she was OKAY. Then one day she was helping a client who was exactly the same age as she is. This particular person had spent the entire time they were together telling the social worker that she was okay.

When the social worker asked the client to explain what was okay, the woman said she was okay because she had a bed to sleep in every night at the local shelter. She also told the social worker that she was okay because she got three meals a day at the church around the corner. To this woman being okay was the equivalent of maintaining the most basic needs we all have for survival.

Since this encounter, the Social Worker has taken a good look at her life and lifestyle and realizes that she is truly blessed. By her releasing this expression of gratitude for everything in her life, she has opened the door for more opportunities to come her way. She has received recruitment offers from other firms, and her offer for a modest home that she was interested in buying has been accepted!

Instead of telling others that everything is Okay, take a good look at what you have and change your response to reflect your gratitude!