Giving up when everything seems to be going against you like a freight train without a conductor, is the easy choice. And in all honesty may just be for you. Why not give up? I mean it wasn’t meant to be in the first place right? It was only a dumb idea that will probably never happen anyway! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

I wrote the word wrong three times because it has been said that people need to read,hear or say things three times before they really understand it.Quite frankly, I too need to hear,read or say things three times before I begin to believe myself. What i know for sure is this. Right before your turning point. The point where things will propel you ahead, some things will go terribly wrong. All too often people will see this as a SIGN that they should abandon their plans. Quite the opposite is true. This is the time you must stand up and be prepared to be stronger than ever. Step up your game by increasing the number of contacts you make, attending networking events or group meetings. If you do not have something to attend, create one that others may come to.

Do not concern yourself with what time of year it is. People who are genuinely looking to advance themselves, will be in attendance no matter what holiday is near! Do not give up on your ideas ,goals or plans. Move forward as though you have nothing to lose. Because the reality is you do not have anything to lose, except momentum!