If you are one of those people who seems to have a chronic problem with punctuality, it may be costing you more than just a reputation. Aside from the perception that others have of your untimely arrival to meetings and other events, being tardy affects your body as well. It is an added stress that you may not be consciously aware of until it is too late. Some of the related health issues can be : high blood pressure and ulcers just for starters.

If you arrive at meetings after they have already began, it disrupts the flow of the agenda. It is also difficult to get all of your things together when you do arrive because you did not start with everyone else. Your paper shuffling and rummaging through your briefcase for a pen, will distract your peers from what they are there to do.

It may be time for you to begin this day differently from all the other days. Begin by building in enough time to do those early morning rituals you enjoy. STOP hitting the snooze button in an effort to gain five more minutes of sleep that turns into an unexpected half an hour. Make a cup of coffee at home instead of waiting in the line that it ten deep in front of and behind you. Once you begin to change a few things your whole world will be different. You will be on time and feel great. You can leave behind all that stress you use to carry with you like an added piece of baggage.