Have you had it up to your eyeballs with all the work that just seems to be never ending? It seems as though you get one thing done only to have twenty more come in. The files,e-mails and requests are just piling up. You are looking at all of it and a thought occurs to you that this is the point where you just have to give up. One person cannot handle all of this alone. The success that you thought was right around the corner seems even further away as all of your responsibilities are seemingly clogging up all of your time.

Whatever you do do not quit! Remember the story of the three miners. Back in the gold rush days, these three friends pooled together all of their financial resources.They left behind their women and children in pursuit of finding gold. They found a spot that they heard was supposed to be “ripe for the picking”. After three years of plugging along, all they had accumulated were a few handfuls of fools gold. Down to their last pennies and provisions, they were elated when a businessman came along and offered them a large amount of money to acquire their spot.

While the three men were singing happily as they traveled back to their homes, the businessman began digging at their former spot. He was a man of great patience and had no delusions that he was up against great odds. He had been digging for a short time and was FIVE feet from where his predecessors had given up when he HIT the largest claim that was ever recorded at that location.

Keep doing that thing that brings you pleasure even when it seems it may be farther away the ever. Your success could very well be right around the corner!