One of the most fascinating days of the year for me is Election day. There are plenty of advertisements for candidates throughout the media. Those vying for a political office often have volunteers holding their signs on various corners. These volunteers usually invite supporters to honk their horns. And quite often the candidates themselves will participate in debates. This is done to give us a glimpse of their political style as well as their agenda.

All of this leads to election day. The day the “We The People” are supposed to let our voices be heard by voting. Depending upon different variables, voter turnout is not always representative of those who NEED to be heard through their vote.

Some people feel as though their vote does not really count. They just give up and say “why bother”. Other people face obstacles with transportation. They may not be able to physically get to the voting booths. And lastly, there is a segment of the population who are unable to vote due to lack of proper documentation.

Without assistance in transportation and education on how important every vote is,we cannot really say the power is in the people.The answer may lie in community drives for voter registration. Also, ride shares for people in need of transportation might be in order.

If we really want to show the power of the people, we all have to be willing to invest of our time and resources! When this occurs we can truly say we are “PEOPLE WITH POWER”!