I was reading an article the other day that said to be really successful means we should put in an extra 60 hours a week towards our goals. The article cited examples of successful people from the CEO of Yahoo to the head of Virgin. As I was reading the article I thought about the face that 60 hours on top of a regular job for most people leaves us with no time for anything else.

All of our lives are made up of moments pure and simple. The drudgery of everyday work is forgotten.The things that stand out in our memories are moments. The HIGHS and the LOWS of our existence. Putting effort into a dream should not become so consuming that we lose our very selves in the process.

By stopping to smell the Mocha Latte every once in a while, it will help us to remember the things that we enjoy.You don’t have to smell the Latte if you do not like coffee. I personally prefer tea! But taking a break every now and then is important to prevent us from becoming so lost in our goal that we cannot see the road we are on!