In our quest to turn our goals into reality, an interesting factor should be taken into consideration.What is the acceptable level of compensation for our desired position? Is it more important to reach the desired goal using our emotional satisfaction?

Some people would say that it is possible to have both monetary and emotional satisfaction. And quite honestly for the most part I would agree to a certain extent. However there are people whose chosen profession makes the choice for them. People who are in positions that provide services to others are unfortunately not always compensated at a level that equals the service they are providing. Conversely, some people hold positions that compensate greatly for very little service. Then there are people who go back to school to become educated for a new career only to discover, that their quest for a career based on an increased salary does not equal satisfaction at all.

In 2002 The american Hospital Association reported that there had was a shortage of nurses that began in 1998. Nursing went to the top of the charts of careers to go into. But like any other career it is not for everyone. Aside from the grueling schedule that is the academic portion of becoming a nurse, one must manage not only patients but families and doctors as well. I once interviewed a man who had become a nurse after having a career as a airplane steward. He said he really enjoyed working for the airlines. There was a certain freedom in the schedule that the airlines provided. But he could not sustain any kind of lifestyle on the meager amount they paid him.

One day he applied for a job at a hospital as a Nursing Assistant working the over night shift. He was able to continue working for the airlines at the same time. Still facing monetary issues he applied and was accepted into a nursing program. He continued to work the overnight shift while in nursing school. Upon graduation he applied and was hired as a nurse on a med-surgical floor. But the high demands of patients coupled with the rotating shifts became intolerable. One year after getting the hospital position he cut his hours down and became a per-diem employee.

He was back at the airlines, emotionally happy but financially compromised. With his financial obligations mounting, he went back to the hospital as a nurse. He began looking at the situation from a different point of view. He has discovered that there is a place and definite shift he is comfortable with. But he often questions his decision and the change it brought to his life.

Carefully considering the implications of what you are headed for is of the utmost importance. Only considering what material goods can come from change may require more emotionally than you are able to handle. The balance between your emotional and financial stability must be managed with great care. Which would you choose ?