It seems as though everyone is concerned more than ever about money. Gas prices being are above the three dollar mark and prices on other goods and services seem to be going up as well. With all of these things going up but everyone’s paycheck pretty much remaining the same, it leaves us all wondering where we might be going wrong.

One of the largest drainers of money is that Coffee/Tea/Lattte everyone is getting in the morning. I recently stopped buying Iced Tea myself at the local fast food places. After doing some calculations of my own, I came to a startling conclusion. One medium Ice Tea with a lemon wedge costs approximately $1.89. One package of tea bags costs 2.49 for 200 tea bags. After coming up with a winning formula for the iced tea,my price per 16 ounce cup is a mere .18 cents per cup. Actually it is.20 with a lemon wedge.

Another place that I see as a money drainer is prepared foods. Granted not everyone has time to make everything. But think about this; One frozen entree of mac and cheese with broccoli is 3.19 for a single serving. If you bought the pasta .99 per box and the cheese 2.00 per package, you would have enough for dinner and leftovers the next day. With two hungry teenagers on my hands and a limited amount of finances the ability to cook quite a bit from scratch has been a godsend when I have to stretch my budget.

I taught myself how to make homemade pizza, which I make when things are tight. My kids actually love my pizza versus the takeout variety and it costs less than $5.00 to make. Do not get me wrong I do purchase chips and such things, just not on a regular basis.

While money is not everything in life, we need a certain amount in order to sustain ourselves from day to day. When you feel as though money might be slipping through your fingers, take a good hard look at where it might be falling!