It is that time of year again folks! There will be plenty of office parties,Yankee swaps, and Secret Santa’s to go around!Along with all the good cheer that these events inspire, there are a few rules of the road to follow.

1) Ease up on the Party Punch!-It is really bad form to overindulge in the punch bowl. Becoming intoxicated at an office event often results in a lot of gossip. Those who you work with will never look or treat you the same way they did prior to the party. These people are not your friends! They are co-workers and as such your behavior should reflect how you want to be remembered the day after the party.

2) Purchase Generic Yankee Swap Gifts!- Since the purpose of a Yankee Swap is to trade-up, make sure the gift you purchase can be used by either a man or a woman.The last person who has their gift taken does not want a basket full of lavender lotion if they are a single guy! These gifts should be simple and maybe a little humerus. Lastly they should very affordable! Make sure whoever is running the swap sets a realistic dollar limit!

3) Secret Santa should always be nice!- Sometimes when people get their pic for secret santa they try to purchase something very personal for their person. This is not really a great idea. The recipient of this gift may feel “creeped out”!If you want to get fairly personal, gift cards to their favorite store is a better choice!

Enjoy all this Holiday season has to offer!

Photo: 123RF