I remember as a kid the song from Sunday school ” He’s got the whole world in his hands!” We sang that song until we were numb from all the lyrics. After a while we would roll our eyes when the teacher would announce we were singing it again. At the time, the though of literally having access to people in foreign countries was unheard of. I mean even if you had a phone number the charges would be off the hook!

The difference that twenty years has made is astronomical to say the least. We can e-mail and in-mail anyone from anywhere globally. If you ever have a chance to do this I would highly recommend it. One of my very first encounters with having a friend from overseas occurred quite by chance on a social media site.

I woke up one morning to discover this lovely young woman had messaged me. She wanted to know what kept me going. She lives in a village in Africa and was trying to get into a nursing program over there. But she had a couple of children and was worrying over how she would get to school, juggle the kids manage the house and still work all at the same time.I gave her the same advice I give everyone else. I told her not to worry or think about anything else except for getting into the program. She actually listened to me and within a few weeks she was messaging me again, to let me know she had been accepted. As her story continued, she found someone who could take care of her kids while she was in school. And as luck would have it she befriended a classmate who needed someone to study with. This person would end up being her transportation to and from school. About a year ago, she messaged me one more time to thank me for my assistance,and to advise me that she was graduating in a couple of weeks.

This encounter more than ever proves that no matter how far apart we are geographically, we all share the same experiences when it comes to achieving our goals. We allow obstacles to become larger than they need to be in our minds before we even get started. But if we could be like this young woman and focus on one aspect of our goal at a time, we will find success and even a little assistance from unseen sources along the way!

Photo: Can Stock Photo