The very first blog I wrote was in March of 2013. I remember that day very well. I was filled with a variety of emotions. I sat down at my trusty computer(Pictured above) and typed out a 160 word blog. It was all I could think of at the time. When I was finished I was completely depleted of emotions for quite a while.

It was my first attempt at putting my feelings into the written word. I was very nervous to say the least. Over the last three years I have learned to loosen up while the the keyboard. I have learned that the best time to write is when I have thought about it for a while. That is when I have planned in my head the angle at which I am going to write from.

Those early blogs I wrote were carefully worded , as I was trying to use all the right jargon to gain people’s attention. The reality is that my most popular blogs are the one’s I have written strictly from the heart. They are the paragraphs that flow freely from my fingertips. Almost out my physical control. And when I write from that perspective, more people connect with what I am saying than when I tried to force it.

I have had people tell me that in order to be recognized by GOOGLE for a ranking, my posts must be at least 300-400 words long. To that I say if you are writing to be merely seen then you are missing the point. I say write and use the passion inside of you for the subject you have chosen as your guide. When you do that you won’t have to worry about the word count.

As far as worrying about people finding your content, make sure to share your writing on other social media platforms. And do it consistently. Once you start to do that people will begin to look for what you are going to come up with next! The trouble with looking at GOOGLE ad words is that they may not fit into your subject.

My blog may not be as popular as it could be if I concerned myself with common searches, but remaining true to my initial goal is of more importance to me. With almost 50,000 messages I figure things are going pretty well!! There is still plenty left for me to write about in the future!

If you are considering writing a blog my advice is just DO IT! Start small and simple. Do not over process every thought and word that you type. Just let it FLOW!!