tispy tow

I woke up this morning to a post on my Facebook timeline suggesting that AAA was offering a special service this New Year’s Eve. The post stated that on New Year’s Eve anyone could call AAA and get a free tow and ride home. It said that you do not have to be a AAA member. Before re-posting on my page I called the 1-800 number they had listed.

When I called I was directed to a representative named Jim. Jim was very professional and helpful. I asked a ridiculous number of questions surrounding this service. He informed me that AAA is NOT offering a “Tipsy Tow” service in southern New England. That is the region I reached by using the number that was listed.

AAA as it turns out is divided into regions. Each one is independently owned. While may of them offer varying services, this is not one of them. You DO have to be a member of AAA to utilize their services. And if you call them on New Year’s Eve , you will be disappointed.

The best advice for this upcoming holiday is to arrange ahead for a ride. If you are planning on drinking, you might want to consider renting a limo, or hiring a car service for the evening. This way you will be in charge of your destiny going into the New Year.

We all have choices to make in our lives. Deciding to drink and drive can have dire consequences for you and others on the road. Even if you are attending a party at a friend’s house, do them a favor and pre-arrange your transportation home. This way you will be taking responsibility for your friend as well as yourself.

Also be careful and wary about offers such as “Tipsy Tow” that seem to good to be true. Doing a little bit of research can save a lot of headache and worry later. Part of being successful in life is taking control over circumstances that can be handled with a small amount of planning!!

I wish everyone a Healthy and Safe New Year’s!!