Is it worth the price

It is free to have ideas and imagination. And maintain good relationships As well as connections. All that is free we hardly seem to put to good use. Maybe this is a result of getting used to believing that if something seems to good to be true it probably is.How many times have we all seen something and thought to ourselves that it must be a SCAM!

Some of the time that might be based in truth. However, when it comes to taking thought and turning it into things,nothing could be further from the truth. Our thoughts can be transformed into material things. We do it everyday. From the moment we get up to the time we fall asleep, most of our thoughts end up manifesting themselves into tangible items.

The first cup of something to drink accompanied by some food for nourishment, comprises thought that is transformed into things. If you are laughing at this illustration, because it seems too simple then you are beginning to get the feel for this. You see it may seem simple to get something to drink and eat for nourishment to your body. This is something that you have to have to sustain life. But when it comes to more abstract thought, you might not place such a high priority on it. If you did it would come as naturally as getting a cup of coffee.

When you proceed with any thought as though you have a right to do it, purposeful action will transform that thought into things. The real transformation has to begin with how we treat our thoughts. If we spend the bulk of our time throwing one thought after another out the window, then our time has now been tied up in thought. When that thought is given focus and direction, it then can be changed into our greatest desire.

Today, use what is free ! Make it your priority to transform your thought into a tangible thing!