Two stones standing on top of one another remain that way in a delicate balance. And finding the exact spot that will produce this result can take a lot of patience and time. Yet it can be done, if it is made a priority.

The same is true of our daily lives.. We can achieve some balance between our work ,family and our individual hobbies. That is of course if it is IMPORTANT enough to us. I have talked to a great number of people who consider themselves to be extremely successful. But in the course of the conversation something interesting comes to light. Their success is limited to what is happening in their careers! Everything else becomes challenging!

Their relationships become cumbersome to their professional lives. The overwhelming majority of people I have spoken with have a very difficult time finding BALANCE! I have come to the conclusion that most of us are taking on TOO many things! Our expectations of ourselves exceeds what we can actually handle and maintain in BALANCE!

Sometimes when we try to live the “DREAM” , we have to think about WHOSE dream we are living. Are we living what OUR ideal is,or are we trying to live up to an ideal set up by society? The answer to this is very straight forward . If you feel stressed over the big decisions in your life, then you are living someone else’s dreams.

When you live in YOUR ideal situation there is no stress only a feeling of accomplishment. This is what will lead to living YOUR balance. If you are the type of person who is comfortable living in a log cabin, then a modern condominium would NOT be for you! All of the rules associated with condo living would only stress you out to the maximum.

But living in the log cabin of your dreams will bring you peace and tranquility. When you open the door to your home at the end of a long day, you will look around with a feeling of contentment. That is how it should be in all areas of your life. And that is what I believe living in balance truly is. When balance has NOT been achieved, a high level of discontent exists. This type of lifestyle is what leads to many divorces and heart attacks.

Believe it or not most people who have heart attacks have them on a MONDAY morning. I learned of this back when my mother had her near fatal heart attack in 2000. The people at the rehab said that most folks have a heart attack after a HOT shower! It seems as though the hot water makes your pulse and heart race fast. They said that for a lot of people, MONDAY’s were stressful anyway because it is the start of another work week. And for the people returning to a job that they do not like, they are already at a greater risk for a heart attack.

This is all more of an argument for finding balance. The best place to start is by recognizing that imbalance exists. Once you have identified that your path is simple enough. It begins by realizing that YOU are the most important piece. If you are not happy…those around you will be miserable as well. Find ways to reduce the stress… a few minutes each day of quiet time (meditation), exercise or reading something motivational are all great ways of finding balance.

You will know you are on the right path when your less stressed and more in control of your circumstances. Take control today by trying some of these ideas!!!