the story

My mother was an avid reader. she loved all of those Harlequin romance novels. She would also read other books written by woman. Most of the stories were pretty much the same. She favored reading about people who lived in the wild west. I have never understood why. She was the last person to spend any great amount of time outside. It was myself and my brother who walked the dog most of the time.

One thing that she used to do before reading a book baffled me. She would read the entire ending before she read the story. I told her one day that was cheating. She just laughed at me and said that for her it was less about the ending as it was about the story. By reading the end first she came to appreciate the character’s journey throughout the book.

Back then I read a lot of similar books. Only difference was I preferred more modern stories. The wild west held no allure for me at all. I was not interested in a lifestyle that I did not have to live. I wanted more realistic characters doing similar mundane things as I was engaged in. Eventually, I came to realize that the stories were all the same. Only the names were changed. At the end of each book I read the women ended up living happily ever after in their dream world.

What I came to understand was that the end was not nearly as important as each individual story. The main character was not the same person in the end. They were permanently changed by the events that occurred on the way to the end of the book. In the pages between the beginning and the end, are filled with life changing events. Those situations are what molds each character and in the end makes them appreciate the life they have been given.

In life, people go through events that change them. Not all of them are catastrophic. Getting married and having children are life events that bring great change to people. Just as losing a job or a fight against a disease brings great change. What has happened in your life that has changed you? Have you reached your happy ending ?