After all the anticipation CHRISTMAS is finally here! WE have all shopped and taken advantage of every sale that has come our way. And with all of the advances in technology, those black Friday coupons are available on our smartphones. All we have to do is open the email and the cashier will scan it right there at the register. The days of clipping coupons has gone by the wayside!

When the stores finally closed for the big day, we are all left with whatever we were able to buy. Some of us will question whether the gift we got will be suitable for the person we are giving it to. Our deepest hope is to WOW the recipient! Let’s face it, if someone gets really excited about our gift it means the world to us!

But if you think about it, the most memorable part of the holidays has very little to do with gifts. In fact if you were required to recall what you received a year ago from Aunt Sally you might be hard pressed to do so. What you do remember, is the smell of fresh baked cookies. Or the musky perfume that Uncle Harold had on!

The packages and bows are really incidental to our being together. Miraculously, people seem to MAKE time for each other. When at other times of the year they could not possibly get away! With all the gifts unwrapped the focal point of the celebration becomes the conversation. That after all is the REAL centerpiece!

It’s the one thing that goes great with the meal and dessert!! Regardless of the gift you may bring, the real treat is what YOU give of yourself! Even if you do it all year round it means more this time of year. You do not need any wrapping paper or bows to wrap that up in either!

Enjoy today by giving of yourself!