fait and wi-fi

In the age of the internet, most people rely on their devices to remain CONNECTED. Everywhere you go people are either on their cell phones talking or checking them for the latest updates. When you sign up fora new app you can opt to have “PUSH” notifications sent your way anytime something happens.But enabling this option can mean that your smartphone is dinging or buzzing almost all the time.

I remember hen I got my first smartphone. I got the IPHONE 4 they ad just gone on sale for $99.00. That was because the IPHONE4S had come out and no one was buying the IPHONE4. The young woman who helped me make the transaction was very nice and had a lot of patience with me. I was new to this level of technology. But she said something to me as I was setting up the phone. She said that I probably would not have any need to check my e-mails. She made an assumption that I probably did not have that much going on.

That was until we set up my e-mail app to the phone. Before I knew what was happening the screen on the phone was filled with notifications that I had e-mails. And I mean I had a whole bunch of them coming through. The young woman seemed surprised that anyone over the age of 30 could possibly have that much going on. Her surprised expression was not lost on me. As I left the store with my phone in hand, I began feeling like everyone else… I was connected.

It was not long before I started feeling as though I could not turn the phone OFF. I might miss something if I did. I was completely hooked! Nearly every free second I had I was looking at that phone. For all of the information my smartphone gave me it was not always “connected”. There were times I would pass through areas where there were no towers. My internet and phone capabilities were disabled. I finally came to the conclusion that I was not using this technology in the most appropriate manner.

Christmastime about three years ago, my budget for the holidays was less than zero. I figured I would be lucky to have a holiday dinner and maybe a couple of stocking stuffers’ at best for the kids. My main concern was keeping us all warm that winter. Heating costs always rise when the weather gets cold. no matter what I did with a calculator the results were the same. Looking at my phone was only a distraction. It took up a lot of my time and caused quite a few problems with me missing deadlines.

I had no one to thank but myself for not paying attention to what I needed to do. One night I realize that I had misplaced my need to be connected. I was missing something. That something was my FAITH. I have long been a woman who believes in the power in prayer. It’s what gave me the strength I needed to deal with breast cancer, a divorce and the loss of my mother. All of which occurred in a three year period of time.

Once I placed the phone on the charger at night and resumed my faith based lifestyle, I began to feel differently. It did not happen overnight. But within a few weeks I knew that I was “connected” in a way that no e-mail could ever do. With my faith leading my life everything was impacted. I no longer looked for answers from the WI-FI. I was connected on a whole new level. One that could not be controlled by my accessibility to towers. It did not matter if I was in the mountains or by the ocean. Because regardless of where I was I could always rely on the power of prayer.

My faith based network is always up and running. It does not require any wires or plugs to continue it’s charge. It only needs my involvement to be effective. Anyone can join at any time. There are no limits to the number of members who can be involved. Interestingly enough, the more a person participates the more they get out of it. And though my troubles have not disappeared, when I get upset I do not have to fear cracking my screen or ruining the hard drive.

The only hardware necessary is a physical presence. In this way we can all be “connected”!