is it that time of year

This is the time of year where some of our best memories come from. We all have some memories of what this season really means to us. For some it could be the sound of snow crunching under their boots as they walked. Others may remember a favorite holiday song or the scent of a cookie.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the “hustle” that retailers try to create during this time. With the impending deadline of December 25th closely approaching, many folks feel compelled to buy more than they may be able to afford. Many advertisements in the media depict what the PERFECT gift is to give. How would they know what the perfect gift would be for your family member?

Growing up, my mother had a friend named Cora. She was a very nice lady who went to church with us. Cora was always writing notes. Each time she gave a gift to someone, she felt it was her duty to include a note as to how the gift could be used. This was just in case you could not figure out the directions by yourself. We all would chuckle when we received a gift from her. Over time her notes got more attention that the actual gift.

As I grew older I gave Cora the “Perfect” gift for her which was note cards. It made it much easier for her to share her thoughts on the gifts she was giving. It eliminated the mismatched envelopes she was known for and gave some organization to the entire process. Our holidays would not have been the same without these notes.

The other talent Cora had was to give us the same gift year after year without us figuring out what it was. To say the least her gift wrapping was unique. This permitted the Oreo Cookies to appear completely different each year. She stopped giving them to me when I turned 16. I remember poking and viewing her package! It was the perfect gift more the chocoholic in me!

Yes it is indeed that time of year again !!