little things

That I am most thankful for.They are the things that have seen me through many difficult times. When I add these little things together they turn into something that is very large. Mostly I am thankful for every delicious cup of tea that I have ever had. That cup of tea has seen me through just about every emotion there is. Even when I was pregnant with my son, I had decaffeinated tea. And I cut it down to merely one cup in the morning.

I am not partial to having just warm tea either. I find ice tea equally satisfying when the weather gets warmer. That one cup of tea brings back so many memories for me. The ice cold days of winters past, when the only thing that could take the chill out of my bones was the tea. Before the microwave, I would heat up the water in my favorite teapot. It used to take good five to seven minutes on the stove before it was hot enough to place the tea bag in. Now I can use the microwave to heat the water in. For a large cup three minutes does the trick.

While the tea was steeping I would breathe in the fragrant aroma of what was yet to come. I have had my tea in various cups and mugs over the years. What I have discovered is that I do not have a favorite cup. All that matters for me is that the cup is good sized. I have to be able to have more than one sip before I see the bottom of the cup. I am a purest when it comes to the flavor. I only drink Black tea or Earl Grey. I do not know why that is.

My cup of tea is the one little thing that brings a lot of memories back to me. My first date, rainy days spent indoors with my two little children. While I watched them play and have hot cocoa, I had a delicious cup of tea. My daughter has turned out to be a coffee drinker. But my son has followed his mother into the realm of tea drinking!

What little things are you thankful for?