Of two words that will prevent you from doing anything in life, I CANT. Those two words almost kept me in an abusive marriage. I say almost because it was a conversation with a friend of mine that showed me a glimmer of hope.Once I sat down with a paper and pen I realized that I COULD make it alone. Financially I would be okay.

Then just when I though things were looking up my ex lost his job. I was in nursing school at the time and had to leave. At the time I started thinking “I CAN’T” do this with the small job I had and two kids to feed. And then one day as I looked at all the bills that I could not pay, I began the process of clearing my mind of those two words.

Instead of looking at my life in terms of the things I could NOT do, I started approaching it from a point of what I COULD do. With two teenagers in the house I knew I needed to be around for them as much as possible. They did not always appreciate that, but I knew that is what THEY needed.

I CAN’T quickly evolved into I CAN, by realizing that I was working as hard as I could at the time. Realistically, I had to be around to make sure nobody burned the house down. And although I had people to help me out, I knew that my children were MY primary responsibility. I HAD to make sure that they reached their full potential. I became determined that their father was NOT going to dictate any part of failure under MY roof.

Since I needed to be around more, I did not take on more hours working at the nursing home. Instead, I began to sell insurance. It far easier to call people from the privacy of my home and to make appointments.Even though I changed jobs over the years I made sure I cleared my mind of I CAN’T.

With that word out of my vocabulary and mindset a whole new world of opportunity has presented itself. I no longer fear going outside of my comfort zone. Nor do I allow other people’s actions to impact me negatively! I make my own plans and proceed accordingly!

You can too! Take CAN’T out of your daily conversation and replace it with CAN!! Watch the impossible turn into the possible when you do!