perfect sunrise

Have you ever said …Just Once …? I have at least a half of a million times throughout my life. I have had thoughts where I was wishing for something fantastic to happen. Then at other points in my life, I was wishing for events to be different from what they actually were. I think we all have shared similar moments like this.

When I was in grade school and it was report card time I remember saying: “Just Once I wish Mrs Clark would have given me a grade that reflected my true effort”. The problem was she had given me a grade that represented all of my efforts. It took quite a few years for me to realize that I had to put some effort in before wishing that something would be great “Just Once.”

Then came the times I would wish .. Just Once I wish I could solve most of the important issues of the world. At the age of ten I remember asking my mother what we would all do when we ran out of space on the planet for traditional trash disposal. My mother looked at me and said ” You better worry about that spelling test you have on Monday.”That is the kind of answer you get when you grow up with a school teacher as your mother.

What I have come to know is that we all can create our own JUST ONCE. We can do this by living our lives the way we TRULY want to. No excuses, or justifications allowed. This does not mean that you should run out and buy a Mercedes if your budget is saying you can afford a less expensive vehicle. It does mean that you should put your efforts into saving up for that Mercedes and making that dream come true. Living within your means and achieving what other people are still thinking about, will leave all of your colleagues dumbfounded.

This has happened to me on many occasions. When I began creating my own JUST ONCE things started lining up for me. Doors opened that I had no idea even even existed. I began doing this a few years ago. Every time I found myself in a frustrating situation that would make me wish for something better, I initiated a search on how to achieve just that. It was not easy in those early days and sometimes I still struggle a little from time to time.But things are coming along and my JUST ONCE happens daily.

What can you create JUST ONCE?