Is something we all have to do at one time or another in the course of our lives. Anyone who tells you otherwise has been living under a shell. Getting to that pivotal moment when we can make this decision is as important as the act itself. Only too often ,it takes a long time for us to reach our breaking point. That place which shines a bright light on what needs to be “kicked to the curb.”

Maybe it is all of those excuses we have created as to why our lives will never change. Even though we are desperately trying to change them. Or are we merely using the excuses as a reason not to change anything? The benefit in doing this? Is not changing anything and giving up and giving in to all those thoughts in our heads telling us that things will always remain the same.

Once the decision has been made to “kick it to the curb”, there is absolutely no turning back. The only thing to do is to look forward.Leave behind that person or thing that was holding you back or blocking your greatness. It does not matter what they were blocking. The only thing that matters is that your ability to see the road ahead must be cleared.

With a clear road ahead, it is necessary to spend sometime alone. Before your allow others to walk with you, take some time to clear your head. You see you will need that time to make sense of what has occurred. To ingest that you have been freed from those who would wish to deny you your right to the future you deserve. Or to be able to firmly grasp that the situation you were in is really in your past.

That time when you are walking alone with your thoughts, remember that you are being Delivered! Your delivery is in process with each step you take.