Management is the ability to organize, staff, lead and control employees in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. In the current corporate culture it seems as though the only time management steps in is when it becomes a crisis. When one employee or employees create such a disturbance that it effects other employees to the point where they begin to turn on one another. Often the manager will not take any action whatsoever unless one employee reports either in writing or verbally their peers. Being pitted one against another is a detriment to teamwork and often has the adverse reaction that those in power want.

However, for a manager to take action against someone would be the same as admitting they made a mistake in hiring that person in the first place. It is much better for the manager to deflect that responsibility the employees and hold them responsible for not being able to maintain teamwork in an adversarial environment.

Only when employees come together in solidarity will their voices be heard. They need not be divided by those who are supposed to manage them. What needs to happen is that they need to begin to manage themselves by identifying positive ways to work in harmony with others without giving up their values in the process.

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