this is chrsitmas

Holiday wishes are plentiful on this day! We hear from those far and near. Sometimes people who we had long forgotten will reappear. Even if it is only for a fleeting conversation. Christmas is the day that a magical hush falls over the world. People share glad tidings no matter what their circumstances may be.

This is the day that Aunt Sally makes that fruit cake. The one that has a shelf life of forever it seems. I remember when I was twelve or so, we received one from a family friend. They had purchased it at the church fair right after Thanksgiving. When we opened the box and a heavy aroma of liquor invaded my nostrils. I gagged at first. Then I spent quite a bit of time inspecting this cake.

I was never afraid to try anything new. My mother had many talents but cooking and baking were not among them. She could sew, crouchet and order out great. But the stove was really her arch enemy. Sugar cookies at Christmas were usually burnt on the bottom. She wanted to make sure they were thoroughly baked. That could not be achieved without a medium to dark brown color on the bottom of each cookie. That meant that when you went to eat it, the cookie turned to dust in your grasp.

Getting back to the fruitcake, I remember taking a healthy slice of it. I was certain that this would quite possibly be the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I remember thinking that all those pretty green and red things in there would be cheery and lime. I was in for a rude awakening. That fruitcake made my mom’s sugar cookies taste as though they were bought from the bakery. This was something I thought could NEVER happen.

My mother saw the horrified look on my face and for once had sympathy on me. She did not make me eat any more than the bite I had taken. The dog we had at the time walked away from the cake when I placed it on the floor. That told me everything I needed to know. That dog would eat ANYTHING from ANYWHERE!!

This Christmas Day enjoy all of the memories you have from the past. Also do not hesitate to embrace new traditions. At some point in everyone’s life it will be time to establish new traditions. Whatever the reason, change can be a wonderful thing! Your memories will forever be in your heart, they can never be erased!

Merry Christmas!!