my favorite pie

Is not a pie at all actually. It is in fact a Fruit Tart! I got the recipe from the Food Television Network. I was at one time addicted to just about every show they had on there. I remember watching this show and thinking to myself” Even if it does not look that good when I make it I will at least try.”

It was the best gamble I have ever made. This Tart comes out foolproof every time. Wait a minute did I say foolproof? Well actually it is foolproof as long as YOU do not make the same mistakes I have in the past. Like the time I forgot to soften the butter for the crust ahead of time. Or the day I added the amount of sugar that should have been the flour. I thought I had the recipe totally memorized. And instead of double checking, I ended up having to make the crust twice.

The beauty of this recipe is in the small amount of baking time involved ,10 minutes. That’s right only ten minutes. Of course you have to cool the shell down before adding the cream cheese filling and the fruit. But is really is easy cheesy.

Aside from eating this delicious dessert, I gain a lot of satisfaction from putting it together. For me baking and creating things fills me with a sense of purpose. While I am baking I can feel myself releasing endorphin’s in the same manner as people who are participating in sports do. And when I share it with relatives or co-workers it makes me feel very happy.

Their smiles warm my heart and make my day complete knowing that I contributed to someone’s happiness. I do not always have time to bake with my hectic schedule, but when I do, I feel satisfied. What a concept, my satisfaction brings joy to others! I think they call that fulfilling your purpose!