Here are the top ten random things that most people do not know about me:

  1. I am a passionate baker of a variety of things all from scratch
  2. I write my blog on T-Rex that is what I call my laptop because she is so old!!
  3. My favorite food is Calamari…preferably sauteed in a white wine sauce over linguine
  4. What keeps me grounded is my daily writing
  5. I am a descendant of a member from the 54 Massachussetts Infantry-Civil War
  6. The greatest gift I believe we can all give is that of our time
  7. Smooth jazz and R+B are my favorite music genres
  8. My homemade sweet potato pie will make you want to smack yo mama (my son has told me that)
  9. I have a work hard play hard lifestyle
  10. Was a member of the drum line in a drum and bugle corps

My list of random things are just some of the things that make me who I am.

1) I bake because I am happy. And sometimes I bake because I am trying to be happy. Being in the kitchen creating things was extremely therapeutic while I was going through my divorce and recovery from breast cancer. It was a safe thing to do and has brought happiness to those who get to enjoy my tasty treats. The only problem was that at times my son would not share anything with others. he actually used to count the number of cookies to make sure he was getting his fair share!

2) As much as I love my laptop, she is almost ten years old. The H key sticks and sometimes I have to go back and add in an H where it was left out. She and yes it is a she is temperamental at times , making my blog posts take up to an hour to post. Like a dinosaur she is incredibly slow!

3) I was introduced to Calamari in my early twenties. I remember the first time I tried it. I was skeptical . It came in a little basket fried with marinara sauce next to it. After the first couple of bites, I needed my own basket to eat. Been in love ever since.

4)Through everything I go through, writing to inspire others also helps me maintain a positive attitude. Before I write any of my blogs I take time to think about what I want to write. Usually I am writing about things I have been thinking about or witnessing in recent times.

5) The year that the movie “Glory” came out, my mother was still alive and of sound mind. (She later passed away from alzheimer’s). When she heard about the movie she told me that we had a deceased relative that had been in tat regiment. I went ahead and did some digging on my own. I was excited at first when I found his name on the roster of men in the infantry. Unfortunately, I could not trace him back to Alabama where we believe he was born. The trail fell cold. Probably because he was an escaped slave who made his way north using the underground railroad.

6) In less than ten minutes you can have an immense impact on someone. I learned this on my many visits to nursing centers I made with my dog. I initially got the dog as a pet for my kids. But as they grew up they had less and less time for her. Soon it was just her and I alone together while the kids were in school. One day I decided to try and train her to be a pet therapy dog. She took to it very quickly. Our visits often were under twenty minutes. But the people we saw talked about her long after we left.

7) Up until 5 years ago I had no idea who Earl Klugh was. That was until I went to Scullers in Boston to see him live. Since that day I have a deep appreciation for other smooth jazz musicians as well. Chris Botti, Elan Trotman, Peter White and Grace Kelly just to name a few.

8) My mother was not a very good cook or baker. It’s not tat she couldn’t follow a recipe she had no passion for it. When I was a sophomore in high school, she found a recipe for Sweet Potato Pie from a woman who lived in Atlanta. She made it for Thanksgiving that year. And I have to admit it was pretty good. One year I decided to try the recipe myself. I tried a few alterations to the original recipe to make the filling smoother. When my mother tried it she had to admit it was better than she could have ever made it.

9) I am the kind of person who immerses herself fully into everything I am trying to accomplish. It si not unusual for me to work 14 hours in a day and then turn around and write a blog. I believe that you get out of things what you put into them. As Les Brown says “If you treat life casually, you will end up being a casualty.”

10) I always wanted to be in a marching band. My brother played trumpet in one and it looked very cool. When I signed up for the drum and bugle corp the only instrument they had available to play was the bass drum. At ninety two pounds they had some reservations about my ability to carry this thing. But I carried it that first year and earned my way to play the tenor drums in my second year! It was a tremendous experience.

What random things do you have to share?