Are based on inclusion instead of exclusion. You see I have spent the bulk of my life raising my children and tending to their needs. Now it is MY time to begin to travel. This is the first time in 20 years that I can give thought to where I would like to go. On the long list I have compiled, the following are at the top.


I would like to visit our nation’s capital. One of the most treasured sights there will be the SMITHSONIAN museum. I have within me a desire to see the contents within those walls. I believe there is still a lot I can learn from the past events of this great country we all live in. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and write about my experiences while I am there.


I also have a desire to visit the Florida Keys. I could definitely handle a few days laying on a beach sipping a little something special. This kind of trip would appeal to my overworked body. It would allow me to regroup and return to my life restored both physically and emotionally.


When I am done with my destination trips, I would really love to take a Mediterranean cruise. I will need to hoard all of my vacation time to accomplish this. Because when i go I am going for at least 12 days. I want to see as much as I can without being rushed. I will probably get a digital camera to avoid overloading my phone. And as always from wherever I am, I will be writing about where I am and the people I encounter. To me that is what makes life complete.

These are just the top three choices that I plan on achieving in the next three years. It may take some strategic planning on my part, but I know I will get there. Where are your plans for the future?