So many times we avoid dealing with the negative people in our lives. You know the people who call you just to tell you how bad their day is, how terrible their job is. If you are like me you probably look at the phone before answering these people when they call. You are probably thinking to yourself: “Do I really want to deal with this today?” Or you breathe a large sigh before answering the call, and your end of the conversation consists of “Really?”,”Uh Huh”,and mmm. One of the things I have noticed about these type of people is that it really is about them 100% of the time.

If this sounds like something you go through all the time, then it is TIME to rid yourself of these people. They will go away if you stop making yourself available to them every time they decide to call or text you. Since they are all about themselves they will find someone else’s life to sabotage. And in case you do not think they are sabotaging you, think about how you feel on a day when you have not heard from this person. If it is a family member, it can be a little trickier because they often will find other family members to take up their cause. Be as diplomatic as you can be without sacrificing your integrity.

Remember, your time is valuable to YOU! Spend the time you have doing the things that bring you joy and a sense of purpose instead of wasting it on those whose sole purpose in life is to constantly complain!