read much

I am came across an old book the other day. It was hidden behind some photo albums I had in my office. As I dusted it off, I began looking through the pages. I had a few minutes to spare before heading out to my next gig. I discovered some timeless nuggets that are still applicable today.

The problem with some old books is the language style they were written in. But taking just a little extra time helped me to “read” between the lines. The advice and stories from long ago still apply today.One of my favorite old books is the House Of the Seven Gables. I find the whole thing very intriguing. Not so much due to the actual story but the conditions they were living in.I was transported to a time when the day ended with the sun setting. Using candles for light was considered a luxury. They were only used when it was cloudy or stormy.

When I considered the implications of being reliant on candles for light, a sudden thought came to me. NOT much has really changed. Although we have flashlights to use in an emergency,what would you do if there were no batteries available. We would all be using old fashioned solutions to fulfill our lighting needs.

I also gave thought to enduring long winters ensconced in darkness due to earlier sunsets. In some of the old books it describes a “madness” that overtook many of the early settlers during the harsh winters. Unable to go outdoors for days on end the boredom would eventually affect their mental capabilities. The same is true today. However, the main difference is that we have a larger assortment of activities to prevent us from enduring such boredom. Then I thought about those times when the electricity is out due to a power outage. What do we all do then?

I know what I do when that happens…. I WRITE!! It’s an old fashioned idea that is not outdated!!