your importance

by itself seems insignificant. That is until you realize something. Each drop of water causes a ripple. The larger the drop the larger the ripple. and sometimes it can cause a wave.Amazing that one small thing can have such an effect.

We are through our actions much like the drop of water.Depending upon how much we are doing will determine the effect.Which is why some people get a lot out of their lives and others do not. Not everyone understands the implications of their behavior. Most people would say that what they do has little to no effect on what is happening in the world at large.But what they may not be seeing is that ripple. It may be a tiny one at first. But if it has enough momentum, it can cause a change so great that the current could change.

This change can either be good or bad.But either way you could be the ONE DROP OF WATER to make all the difference. Now you may be thinking to yourself “Whoa..wait a minute there.” “How can I make a difference?. I am only a cashier at Walmart, or a janitor at a school. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing. You still are very important in this world. You may never be able to see how far the ripple extends from what you give to others.

When I was a little girl in grade school, we had a woman janitor. Everyday she would be in the girls room cleaning the mirrors and emptying the trash. Along with ll of her regular chores she would give us all a smile and once in a while a little advice. Once when one of my classmates was being made fun of by the other kids,she took that little girl aside and gave her a shoulder to lean on. To be honest with you I always thought she had a high paying job. It seemed as tough she was always around when we needed something.

Years later she told me she was JUST the janitor. Little did she know that her RIPPLE extended far beyond that bathroom!!