With two teenage children of my own one 19 and the other 16, I have come to realize that the bulk of parents today need a wake up call. It is not okay to allow your children not to have chores. Whether it is helping preparing a meal, taking out the trash or assisting in maintaining the cleanliness of the home, some responsibility MUST be placed on their shoulders in order for them to reap the rewards that come from your economic stability. If your child has their head in a cell phone all day you are failing as a parent. Your child does not have a RIGHT to the phone, they have a phone as a privilege that you allowed. When at dinner or during a conversation make the phone a deal breaker. That during those times no call or texts will be sent,viewed or answered. Your time with your children is limited, once grown they remain that way for the rest of their lives. If your time is limited to having conversations while traveling from one event to the next BAN cell phone use in the vehicle, encouraging conversation about their day and what is happening in their world. Believe it or not,just because they have reached double digit birthdays your job is far from being over. they may roll their eyes(I personally dislike this myself),or give you the WHATEVER look, nut they are listening. Craving your acceptance with who they are becoming as they discover who they are.

Try this out and let me know what your experiences are! I welcome feedback!