Our youth are our glimpse into the future. But what are we as parents really preparing them for? if you are still chauffeuring your son/daughter everywhere and allowing them to “find their way”, the only place they will end up is on your couch. While we all want our children to be happy, we must not forget to “expect” things of our offspring.

Given the demands of our children’s time, it may not be feasible to “expect” them to do traditional chores. However, they should be “expected” to clean their rooms,do their own laundry and yes help with the dishes after a meal. The more we allow them to become our friends the less likely they are to want to grow up and take on responsibility.

They do not have to be an “A” student to be successful. There are plenty of community colleges around to assist them to achieve more than they may have in high school. Maybe you have a child who does not do well in the traditional classes and instead would like to pursue a trade. That is a blessing. Because the last time I tried to call a plumber he told me I would have to wait three weeks before he could get to me.

Whatever your child is gravitating to, guide them and help them to be as successful in their endeavors as possible. Cast aside your own ideas of what they should be in your eyes and embrace who they are. When you allow them to follow their true passion you will see things in them you thought they did not possess. They will surprise you, with commitment you did not think they had.

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