Not everyone will pray, but for those who will, a whole new window of hope will be opened for those who we pray for. You see the basis of prayer comes from a soul that is filled with eternal HOPE. It is the one thing that propels people into action, and motivates others to pursue their true purpose.

For those of us who pray in the traditional way, the clasped hands are an international symbol. For others prayer may take shape in thinking about someone intently all the while HOPING for their safety or recovery from an illness or tragedy.

Whether you are religious or spiritual, I encourage everyone who reads this to either pray or keep in their thoughts those who were victims in the bombings that overshadowed the Boston Marathon last Monday. The power of prayer is unparalleled when done in concentrated groups of people. Forming prayer groups is a great way of coming together in tribute to those who remain in hospital beds. It also allows people a chance to get together and share their common concerns.

Even if it is only for a moment each day try to pray in some manner or form for all who were affected by the bombings in Boston on April 15th Marathon Monday!