The most difficult part of achieving your goal is moving on from where you have been. It is easy to work on your goals while doing the same things you have always done. The challenge comes in when you have reached your goal and it is time to say goodbye.

You will be saying goodbye to a great many things and people as well. While the people you used to work with will wish you well, secretly they will not want to see you go at all. For then it is better to stay where they know exactly what will happen even if that means nothing at all. Some people will caution you and question your ability to achieve all that you desire. These people will wish you well and at the same time try to convince you to stay with a sure thing.

Why risk everything on your goals when you can stay right where you are and watch others achieve their goals. All because it is easier to remain in the mediocrity that the majority live in rather than trying to be in the three percent of people who actually follow through!

Prepare yourself every step of the way for the time to come for Goodbye. Ignore all the excuses others will give you to remain where you have been. Wish them well on your way out!