Is a great tool to use in measuring how far your have come. Without reflection you might begin to feel as though you are just doing the same old thing day in and day out. But think about where you were just a coupe of years ago. I am certain some thing has changed in your life since then. If things have not changed enough for you, using the reflection tool may help you in deciding which direction in.

By allowing your mind to relax you will be opening yourself up to ideas that may have been held down while you were busy thinking about a thousand other things.I have always used this tool in helping my own kids get to the next level THEY want to. And I use this tool to help my own ideas and goals come into reality.Without an open mind it is near impossible to receive any more information in.

Whenever I reflect on things I remove all the potential obstacles from my mind. I think to myself what will happen if I do nothing? Then I play out in my mind what would happen from that. Usually I come to the conclusion that I will remain stagnant. Stuck in the same place I am right this very moment. Since that is not normally where I want to be, I begin going through what would happen by taking one simple action. Nothing too insane!

A few years ago I had this crazy idea of becoming a speaker. I had absolutely no idea how to get started. Then one day I was listening to a video on YOU TUBE. It was a motivational speaker who had developed his skills with Toastmasters. Seeing as he is a multi millionaire, I figured if it was good enough for Tony Robbins and Les Brown it would be good enough for Jacqui Senn.

I was really scared at first. Thoughts of not being readily accepted at the meetings were plaguing my thoughts. Then one day I reflected on where I was in advancing my speaking skills. The answer was NOWHERE! Wit my hands trembling I sent out an e-mail to a local chapter. Three years into it I am halfway to attaining my Distinguished Toastmaster. That is the highest honor you can receive!

It is still a little ways in the horizon but it is within view. Just the same way you can still see the shore late at night while looking at the reflection of the moon on the water!! Your goals and ideas are right there inside of you waiting to come out!!! Try reflection!!