the guy who gave up

Is rarely ever done. On top of that how many of us can even remember who that person was? These people who give up on their ideas and goals end up in the recycle bin of our memories. They also linger in the shadows of what could have been.

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my peers. She asked me if I remembered a man that we had done some work with a couple of years ago. He was a guy who started out with a definitive plan of action. He had all of his goals written down. As a matter of fact, he made us all begin to really organize ourselves. Every time we saw this guy he would be telling us about some other action he was taking toward his goals. And he had quite a few.

I looked at Robin square in her eyes and had to admit something. I could NOT for the life of me remember his name. On top of that I could not recall what he even looked like. But I did remember the day he disappeared. We were all working on a project together. Everyone was contributing something as team mates. He sat there looking at all of us. He was intently listening to the interactions going on. But on this particular day, he had nothing to offer in terms of input.

Unlike all the other times we had worked together, he did not have his notebook out. His appearance was disheveled. The very things that use to make the rest of us envious were all absent. Somewhere along the line he had decided to give up. On himself,his dreams and goals for the future. Without any explanation to the rest of us,he stopped contributing.

On that day he stopped contributing with us, but in the days that followed he gave up on the world. What happened after that? Nothing! We never heard or saw this guy ever again.

The conversations we have about people who are trying to achieve certain goals usually last a long time. They also are ongoing as the person makes progress towards their goals. This particular conversation was over in less than three minutes!

Be the person who is remembered for NOT giving up! You will be remembered a lot longer!