What does it look like to be saved and be free from worry and stress. More importantly how does it FEEL! When all the world around you is falling apart and it seems as though it cannot possibly get worse… and then it DOES!

That is when it is time to take a deep breath, let out a few tears and embrace the inner strength it is going to take to get you through this. Call whoever needs to be called. Negotiate whatever bill needs to be negotiated.Ask everyone,those you know and those you don’t for assistance! If they cannot help you move on to the next person who might be able to.

Take whatever assistance you can get and give back what and when you can!!! The Lord helps those who help themselves. The more people know about you situation the more likely you are going to get assistance in one form or another. Leave your pride at the curb! This is your life you are saving!

One you have negotiated and arranged everything into manageable proportions you will feel the stress begin to leave you and you will know the HE has taken over the reigns to fill you with what you really need!!!