shaping your destiny

Is what you are doing on a daily basis. Everything you do today will directly affect your tomorrow’s. If you are one of the complacent people, going along doing the same thing over and over again. Then your future will be filled with more of the same.

I have had this conversation with various people over the years. It usually comes up in conversation when they ask me what I have been up to. Along with doing the work that I do, I always find time to fulfill my desire to write. My daily work consumes nearly 60-70 hours a week. Often I will do my writing late at night after I have put in a good 16 hour day.

People say to me ” have you lost your mind?” Or they say “I don’t know how you do it.” What I know is that my future will not always be comprised of long hours and an excessive amount of work. All of what I am doing now is in preparation towards my master goal. Now I am not suggesting that any of you reading this need to work that much. No quite the opposite in fact. What I am suggesting, is that you find a way to shape your future into what you TRULY desire.

Stop wishing things would change, and make some changes happen. Begin by doing things that you thought you could not afford to do. The truth is you cannot afford NOT to do that thing. Making that move is what can propel you into what you have up to now only been dreaming about.

Do you see yourself turning that hobby of yours into a business? Maybe you do not want it to be too big. Keeping it small is what would make you comfortable. Well there are plenty of places online that embrace cottage industries exactly like the one you have in mind. Why not take that leap of faith and sign up !

Put yourself out there and take the first step. Each time you make an advance you will be one step closer to the future you really want ! Before you know it time will have moved on and your life will not even resemble what it used to be! All because YOU are shaping your future!