Some people think that everything happens for a reason. While this may be true, it is not always plainly evident what that reason may be. It would be great if we knew what the reason was. Then we could make a plan. We would know right away what course of action to take. We could approach the situation in the same way we deal with the changing seasons.

Unfortunately, life does not work that way. Things happen and situations change faster sometimes than you can Tweet. What should you do?

One thing I have discovered is that these upsets in life cannot be allowed to take over the path that I have been on. That is not to say I have never had to change direction. But I have given it a considerable amount of thought before doing that. The other interesting thing that I have discovered is this; No matter what I am doing all roads lead me back to the one thing I enjoy most. That is writing about people, human behavior and our ability to achieve exactly what we desire.

Through my own failures, I have come to realize that I enjoy the most success when I am pursuing MY goals. That means not ALLOWING other people and their situations to prevent me from doing the things that fulfill me. When you are doing what you enjoy and success is headed your way, you might encounter some resistance from those around you . This often presents itself through their insecurities. These people might want to find a way to take part in your success.

They are probably fearing your being more successful than they will ever be. Once they become involved in what you are doing, more often that not they will find some way to sabotage what you have worked so hard for. That is why it is better to let these people stand by your side than in your way.

Instead of becoming a roadblock that could make you change direction, they can be much more productive as a resource for information. Whatever it is you are involved in, when problems arise ask yourself some questions before you change direction. Consider how change will impact your life before taking that on. In most cases you will discover that changing direction is not necessary.

Keep moving in the direction that fuels your spirit. Remember you have the right to be happy and feel fulfilled in the pursuits that bring you joy.