not by physical ability but rather our spirit and the will to do what is necessary to achieve our goals. A man may be able to physically move large stones yet unable to withstand hardships presented throughout his lifetime. It is when the mental capacity of a person is able to come to terms to with and overcome obstacles that true strength is achieved.

In my lifetime I have met many people who have had one thing after another hit them. It is as if they were being assaulted by a legion of bad luck. Yet , for every setback that pulled them back wards, they found a way to move forward. They probably did not think they were being strong. But they were. By not allowing circumstances to dictate their eventual outcome, they tapped into their internal reservoir of strength.

We all have a reservoir of strength, although you would not know it.That is because each of us dips into it differently. What one feels is the maximum amount of strength they have, may only be the tip of the iceberg for someone else.And that is what makes all of our life experiences so different.

I was recently reading a copy of national Geographic. In it was an article about Ghandi and the country he lived in. India is comprised of seven hundred thousand villages.It is a country plagued with poverty. One of the places where women work is a brick kiln. The women who work there make less than three dollars a day.If we were to convert the Rupee to a US dollar it would be worth .016 of one US dollar.

This kind of living existence makes a standard job at Mc Donalds look glamorous by any standards. But it shows the resiliency of the people who live in such conditions.And the reason so much character is built within its people. They have an inner strength that comes out in them every day.These are people who are working just to get something to eat. The most basic of human needs.

In one of his most famous quotes Ghandi said” The strength of people does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Using that as our measure,where do you fall in?