When you are working so much and the pace is escalated, things can start to get blurry. People and places may not appear exactly the way they are. Your reactions to situations can become strained and you may become overwhelmed to the point of shutting down.


Get unconnected… turn off the computer, let your calls go to voice mail.. do not worry if it is that important believe me they will leave a message. Your facebook friends can wait as well. All that constant updating about where you are, what you are doing and who you are doing it with, takes a toll on you and is a stress you can live without even if only for a few minutes.

Find a place that allows you to feel relaxed, then put your feet up and erase everything from your mind. Try doing this a couple of times a week. If you think you do not have the time for this, you may be right. In that case you will have to make time for this. The benefits are not limited to reducing blood pressure, feeling renewed, and being a better you for everyone else.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

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