Have you ever felt as though you were surrounded by people who went on went on and on about absolutely nothing? Making you feel as though you really nothing more than a dead body taking up space? We all know people like this. They are the dreamers. The ones who talk and talk and talk about what they want to do, where they want to go. They either have NO plan whatsoever as to how they will get there or require the assistance of others to fulfill their so called goals. And every time they come close to taking a step toward their goals something happens to derail them.

Once in a while they come up for air and ask us what we have been up to or what we have planned. But the truth is they could care less about what we are really all about! They just seem to go on and on to everyone they come into contact with spewing the same story again and again.

STOP giving them your ear! Walking away and not listening to the same thing will eventually ( it does take a while with these folks) give them the message that you are done being their audience!

Go on with your own plans! You do not need to tell everyone your business. They will see what you have been up to when the results of your efforts bring results! Anyone can talk a good game.But as my mother use to say “The proof is in the pudding!” (God bless Alice)