20000 thanksWhen I moved my blog back in August, I could not have envisioned the amount of success I am having today. However, with success there comes some challenges. In receiving more than 20,000 messages, I am unable to personally answer all of them.

I wanted to just THANK all of you who have read and commented on my posts. Also I want to take this opportunity to answer some of the more common questions that are asked.

Guest Writers; I do not as of this post have any guest writers. If you feel as though you might have something you wanted to offer, you can send me a sample of your writing. Please submit all content to my e-mail at

Suggestions on how to start/write a Blog; If you have any type of passion or area of interest, you can and should write about it.There are many different Blog sites available. My suggestion is to GOOGLE search blog sites and find the one that fits your particular style. The one thing I will stress about writing is to make sure you give yourself enough TIME!

If it takes you 15 to 20 minutes to get your mojo going then factor that in before you attempt to write your content. No matter what happens stay true to your passion. I have had many people over the past three years try to get me to write about other things that I know little to nothing about. I had to let that opportunity pass by and stay my course. Update your blog as often as you can. I try to write something here at least once a week. Sometimes I will write more frequently if I am feeling inspired!

Following my blog; When you go to my main page at you will find a link on the bottom right. You can subscribe to my blog using your e-mail address.

I hope I have answered many of your questions. I am grateful to each and everyone who reads my posts and returns for more updates. Thanks again for this tremendous response.